Einsicht - Cam around the world


One photo of each film that arrive in Graz (Cam1 ... Cam15 )

Cam 3; Hyun Lang Kang; Korea
Exhibitions: Some details about the exhibtions in Austria, Italy, Korea, ...
Projectteam: Mayer, Spari, Webhofer, Groeller
Projecttext: von Krusche, Sleczka und Weissensteiner
Photobook: 172 colored pages, includes all pictures, Eur 50.-
contact: Contact for exhibitions and feedback.
thanks: we habe been supported by many people
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The four Austrian artists mostly work with film or photography as medium of their work."Einsicht" is their first common way for an international photo-project that includes unknown people in an interactive way. A few photo-cameras are spread all over the world - given to people to take pictures of their daily life. These people have to give the photo-camera to other friends abroad and send the films undeveloped to the artists in Graz. In fall 2003 the highlight of this project will be an exhibition in the cultural capital of Europe.
In 2004 the exhibition will be shown in other countries, too. As soon as the schedule is fixed it will be published on this homepage.

last update: june 18th, 2004
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